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Welcome to Rokrusi™!

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Each cell in a Rokrusi contains a nought or a cross.

The required number of crosses per row/column is shown on the right/bottom (after the dash).

In a standard Rokrusi, two crosses may not be diagonally adjacent to each other.

In the 'Knight Jump' or 'KJ' variant of Rokrusi, two crosses may not be at a knight's jump distance.

Tap or click a cell to put a nought or cross in it or to clear it.

Choose a random puzzle of your preferred size and type below.

Or use the Challenge button to try and beat someone else's best time on a (current size/type) puzzle they solved.

The Rokrusi was invented by Simone & Roel Griffioen.

Puzzle type: standard

Puzzle size: small (6 columns, 6 rows)

Complexity level: simple

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